A selection of blog posts by Duncan about our wedding.

Alex and I are now engaged!

Duncan and Alex after they got engaged, with Alex displaying her ring
On Saturday 4 November 2017, we had been together for 2 million minutes. So Duncan whisked Alex off for a mystery trip to the north east of Scotland.

Stag weekend

Duncan inside a mash tun
Duncan had his stag weekend in Aviemore.

Alex and I are now married!

Alex and Duncan during the wedding ceremony
On Saturday 16 February 2019, we got married.

Making our wedding rings

Duncan and Alex holding their rings in a workshop
In September, we made each other’s wedding rings with Scarlett Erskine.

Brewing Alex & Duncan Black IPA — our wedding beer

Ice bucket containing bottles of Alex & Duncan Black IPA
We went to Stewart Brewing’s Craft Beer Kitchen to brew our own beer for our wedding.

Memories of our wedding day

Alex and Duncan on Crail beach
When people ask Duncan how our wedding was, he says two things. It was a very stressful day. But it was also the happiest he’s ever been.

Wedding health and safety nightmares

Sparklers causing a jar explosion
On our wedding day we discovered that getting married is actually quite a dangerous business. Here is a selection of the health and safety nightmares we encountered.

More to come…